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Here’s something I have noticed.  A lot of us are straight up exhausted.  And now here come the holidays.  We’re already juggling all the things and now it’s time to add some more.
We’re in that pocket of the year where stress, expectations, viruses, travel make for a dangerous mix.

You might be telling yourself, let’s just coast and enjoy the last few weeks of the year.  I’ll do better in 2019.

But here’s what I know for sure.  If you don’t take care of you, even just a bit this month, you won’t feel good until Spring.

Six years ago, I hit a real low point during the holidays.  My daughter was cyberbullied just a few days before Christmas.  And I piled on the expectations and all the ghosts of Christmas pasts.  I took care of everything and everyone.  I felt miserable. I vowed never again to put myself in that place again.  I took charge of my Decembers and never looked back.

If you have been following my message or know my story, you know that excess stress is at the root of every condition.  An overused sympathetic nervous system will make you gain weight, lose sleep, feel anxious, interfere with healthy digestion and wear down your immune system.  And that’s what most of us do in December: tax our sympathetic nervous system even more.

So what’s a human to do?

Here’s what! Take really good care of YOU.
Focus in on what really matters to you.  Jettison the things out of your life that feel heavy. 
Sleep.  Drink Water. Practice Mindfulness.  Eat for Energy.  Set boundaries.  Support your immune system.

Then let me work some Mary-Magic and show you exactly what I do.   I am not suggesting impossible cleanses or challenges but a simple framework for staying well, healthy and whole through the end of the month.

Each week I will offer a weekly theme, specific prompts and some accountability.
You will get a weekly Podcast delivered to your inbox.  An easy field guide of guidance.  You will be asked to post in our community forum. 
I will put recipes, resources and videos in our private members only Facebook Forum.  You have access to me:  there will be open office hours once a week.

Week one is boundaries/expectations.  You’ll set your goal for the holiday and stick to it.
Week two is gut health and digestion.  If you follow my simple plan you can have all day energy and still eat some cookie dough.
Week three is whole foods and immunity.  Nothing sucks like being sick over the holidays. Let’s get your immune system fired up.
Week four is self-care and sleep.  I’ll show you how to set up your home practices as well as introduce you to minerals and adaptogens.
You will emerge from this month with clarity, purpose and your health intact.

BONUS:  all my supplements will be discounted during the program.
We start on Sunday, December 9 but my forum will open December 7.
You are a precious soul and nothing is more important than your health and well-being.
The choice is yours.  Take care of you in December.  Stay healthy in December.  Or start January 2019 in survival mode.



And just in case you are thinking that you are too tired, too busy or can’t afford it…One simple act of defiance is all it takes to start a change in your life.  If you are already exhausted, then more of the same will bring more exhaustion.  How would it feel to feel good on January 1?

let’s finish strong together






I had thyroid cancer over 9 years ago.  I did not know what to expect,  how to understand how I felt, what foods might impact my medication, how much exercise to get or how to understand my symptoms.  The medical system can do only so much.  It’s the person who must go home and figure the rest out.  I am not a doctor, nutritionist or practitioner.  I am a guide to help you ask the right questions, get the right answers, and send you to resources to help make your experience better, faster and less expensive.

I have helped people with this approach who have:

  • Low thyroid and Hashimoto’s

  • Auto-immune symptoms

  • Chronic Digestive issues

  • Have been told you need to lose weight by your doctor

  • Have high cholesterol or are diabetic

To set up a free 15 minute phone conversation, please email me or call 865-696-9611.  We can decide together how best to work together.

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