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Something About Mary

Maximum Energy – Minimum Hassle

 One size does not fit all!

I help women over 40 who want to feel incredible – even athletes – solve their personal energy crises.

Years of education and experience taught me that one size absolutely does NOT fit all.

You didn’t fly out of a cookie-cutter, and driving yourself crazy with every new diet or pill or powder that comes down the line has worn you down and made you believe that maybe it’s just hopeless.  Not true!!!

You’re a person, not a protocol.  Most women have been dismissed, had their symptoms ignored, or simply put on the “bro-plan” without any attention at all to their bodies or their needs.

Over the past five years, I’ve helped hundreds of women achieve high energy and wellness – even when everything else they’d tried didn’t work.  That renewed energy empowered them to truly serve themselves and others at the highest level.

I want to help YOU do that, too…
whatever your “highest level” may be.

It’s time to ditch the diet!

I create solutions that fit you…and your life.

Having a plan doesn’t matter if the plan doesn’t actually meet your needs AND fit into your lifestyle and schedule.  One of my greatest goals is to empower you to make the changes you need in a way that truly serves YOU – and doesn’t make you crazy.

Delicious meals that support sustainable health


Delicious meals that support sustainable health
The solutions, tools and guidance you need


The solutions, tools and guidance you need
The support you've been missing to make it work


The support you’ve been missing to make it work
Simple changes that fit into your real life - all the time


Simple changes that fit into your real life – all the time

Think BIG…DO small.

Our current culture is all about “go big or go home”.  This is terrible advice for anyone trying to heal from something.

It can cause you to give up because you won’t believe you are getting better…because the results aren’t fast enough…because you are too impatient that you didn’t see it today.

You actually get better by not getting something right a lot.  Embracing the small steps is what leads to the results that truly make a difference in your life. 

The brain thinks big but the body does small. Focusing on the small wins and things you can do right now is the key to creating long-term, life-altering change.

One of the reasons that I am so passionate and skilled at this is because of my experience in having thyroid cancer.

Eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage one nodules on my thyroid. I had two kinds of cancer.  I was only in my mid-forties and was a single, working mother with three children.  I had both removal of my thyroid and a very high dose of radiation.

The treatment and surgery were scary but it was the aftermath where I hit bottom. I was tired, anxious, unable to sleep and had trouble concentrating.

Before then I was the top performer in my company as well as an over achiever in everything I touched.

To say my medical treatment was disappointing would be a drastic understatement.  I couldn’t get anyone to CARE.  No one talked to me about the things that were really creating havoc: diet, stress, exposure to chemicals and toxins.

My experience taught me first hand how under-served women are in the conventional medical and diet world.  I’m here to help you get back everything you want without the hassle I had to experience.

Workshops & Events Soul to Table

Experience the joy of creating food that nourishes the body and environments that nourish the soul at a Soul to Table workshop. These small group experiences allow you to learn techniques to create amazing meals from fresh, whole food ingredients and transform your environment into one that inspires and soothes. 

Spend a day with Mary in beautiful Charlotte, NC and give your healing energy a jump start! The investment is just $499 and includes breakfast and lunch.

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