7 Day Energy Kick Start – Sustainable Nutrition with Mary Miller Brooks

Kick Start Your
 Energy and Slim Down

Supercharge your energy in just 7 Days

Hi, I'm Mary Brooks and I'll help you 
solve your personal energy crisis.

How much more could you accomplish
if you weren’t running on fumes?

Fad diet this, trendy diet that, blah blah blah.  Aren't you over it?!

Being everything you want to be requires that you have a full tank of energy.  To live out that bold, beautiful life that the cosmos and your Pinterest Board say you can, you need some rocket fuel.

If you have been stuck in a low energy,  no energy, or unreliable energy cycle, you may find yourself thriving  on caffeine, sugar, and salty foods just to make it through the day. You may crave the exact foods you want to avoid.  

Fact: most people do!

So, I went into my laboratory. Some might call it my big comfy couch. And I thought about it...

I have worked with over 300 women, who despite the best of intentions and seeing all the experts could not solve their personal energy crisis. It's embarrassing to admit, but when I needed to heal my own thyroid, I was exasperated and completely at a loss on where to start. I can guide you past the mistakes I made.

     Symptoms that I had forever went away   

I had long standing gut issues that I had come to accept. Within a few weeks, symptoms that I had forever went away. I completed the 2017 Boston Marathon in peak mental and physical state.

Amy Fletcher, M.D.
 Functional Medicine Practioner

Kick Start Your High Energy Lifestyle

I know you don't want any extreme measures.
You are past believing in pills, powders, shakes and gimmicks. 

A few pounds lost would be great but feeling good would be AH-MAZING

You already know and accept that putting the right fuel in your body
is the most powerful and significant opportunity 
you have to create sustainable change in your life.

I help people solve health issues with real food every day. Through my health coaching practice, I’ve discovered the solutions that Peak Performers use to compete at their best in life and sports.

There are quite a few scientific and psychological reasons why most diets and health programs don’t work for many people:

  • One-size-fits-all programs don't look deep enough into the underlying causes of low energy, fatigue, and weight gain. (Hint: There are 3 major culprits!)
  • Failing to set appropriate and manageable goals.
  • High stress = high cortisol, which causes inflammation.
  • Calculating food choices can cause anxiety, and most diet approaches offer no support for the mental and emotional aspects of health.
  • Disregarding an individual’s unique food sensitivities.

You are NOT what you eat!

It's one of the BIGGEST lies the "gurus" in the health and fitness industry tell -

"you are what you eat."

In reality, you ARE what you digest and absorb.

The fastest way to feel better is to improve digestion and absorption. The fastest way to improve digestion and absorption is to feed your body what it needs - real foods and real nutrients - to function at optimal levels.



No cleanses, detoxes or fasting.  No headaches or feeling weak.

Just REAL food, REAL nutrients, and REAL energy.

I've created a week's worth of healthy recipes that will:

  • Stabilize your blood sugar. Spikes and valleys in your blood sugar are the number ONE reason you feel fatigued. Stabilizing your blood sugar leads to an improved feeling of wellness and energy balance.
  • Improve your digestion. Sluggish digestion leads to feeling bad and holds up weight loss. Improving your digestion leads to feeling lighter and leaner.
  • Reduce Your Inflammation. Inflammation causes brain fog, joint pain and headaches, among other things. Reducing your inflammation leads to clearer thinking, easier movement, and better energy.

When you follow the instructions in this guide, the foods you'll consume will start to improve your gut health AND your energy levels immediately.

By eliminating the common nutrient deficiencies, giving the body enough and improving digestion, you get to remember what fantastic feels like.


Your 7-Day High Energy Kick Start Guide - No more guessing! This 28-page guide tells you exactly what you'll need to eat for optimal energy and gut health for the week. It includes recipes built for two, nutrition information per serving, recipes, and a calendar to make it easy for you to plan ahead. Eliminate the overwhelm and set yourself up for success from the start.

Your 7-Day High Energy Kick Start Shopping List - The exact amount of each item you'll need for the week. Shop with ease and confidence, because I've done the work for you.

Clean Eating in the Fast Lane Guide - It's no secret that eating on the go can be a challenge for even the most experienced!  This guide to snacking and eating on the run will help you eliminate guessing about what to eat when you're on the go and help you make smart choices in restaurants, so you can enjoy your experience and still nurture your energy.

The Beginner's Juice Guide - Forget the myths you've heard about juicing! Learn the truth and start experiencing the benefits of juicing with this 25-page guide that will help you add juices to your day, supporting the other healthy foods in your diet.


  • The 14-Day New Beginnings Smoothie Challenge - This one small change can make a BIG difference in your health and overall wellness! No more guessing! This 36-page guide can help you kick your sugar cravings to the curb while you welcome awesome sleep and easy weight loss into your life.
  • Probiotics Revealed - The quick guide to rebuilding your gut and restoring your health with probiotics and prebiotics. You'll get a list of my favorites - and there's a discount link to my store where you can get them and get started right away.
  • I'll also share 7 little tiny habits guaranteed to blast away your fatigue and my resource guide that includes my 10 FAVORITE HEALTH PRODUCTS FOR UNDER $10 AND WHERE TO GET THEM.

Your investment of just $27 gets you everything you need to

 to kick start your energy and start taking back your wellness!

   Mary taught me how to...
feel stronger than ever.   

Following a surgery, I gained weight, and no amount of exercise or food changes made a difference. Mary's system reversed that. She taught me how to fuel my body and feel stronger than ever.

Karen Wood
IronMan Triathlete

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