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FUELBETTERFORMULA Is A Power-Packed 8-Week Coaching Program and
Learning Lab To Create Abundant Energy, Beat Brain Fog
And Jumpstart Sustainable Fat Loss

I know you are tired of dieting and the depletion cycle of one size fits all nutrition. 

You would love to have endless physical and mental energy.

You’re exhausted, run down and feel that this is your new way of living.

  • You are often bloated after eating.
  • You don’t get a good nights sleep.
  • You crave carbs, sugar and fats
  • You start a program but struggle to finish it
  • You suspect something isn’t right but your doctor says your labs are fine.
  • You read the books, listen to the podcasts but you don’t know where to start.
  • Your body is changing in ways you don’t love
  • You don’t want to take medications

Fatigue and low energy are playing a really big role in your life, your work and your relationships.

And there are three BIG GAPS in all traditional approaches that you have tried in the past.

One Size Fits all or One Size Fits Many Trap

You can buy all the books and listen to all the podcasts.  You can take some shakes and supplements.  But none of them are designed with you in mind.  There’s not testing to support it being a fit for you. Plus, most books and podcasts in the health and nutrition field are written for and created for men.  There’s very little that accomodates women and especially not women over 40.

People selling nutrition on the Internet mostly don’t have the knowledge or training to help you other than to sell you products.

We all know someone: a co-worker, a neighbor, a friend who is selling something for weight loss or energy. The problem is that they don’t have the training or the knowledge to help you or to really solve your specific needs.  They also don’t have the tools or data to deal with your own bio-individuality.

Being treated like a protocol or an outcome does more than give you  bad results.

On some level we all know that diets fail. But what happens when we don’t listen to ourselves or don’t address the low level fatigue is not just impacting our health.  It’s a statement of abandonment or of blaming ourselves for  not getting it right. It’s a slow but deep loss of ourselves and our identity.

Conventional medicine and diets failed me

rather than getting better with medical care and conventional “bro-diets” I got worse…..

But when I understood what was at the root of my fatigue, bad sleep and mood I wanted to make sure other women did not suffer the same fate or treatment.

This is more than a program for me.  This is a movement.  A calling to a new state of health and awareness.  I want to be sure you are getting the attention, the data and the support to feel at your very best.


As someone who had eaten all the so-called healthy foods and exercised like a fiend I thought I had a golden ticket to healthy.

I was completely floored when my health failed and I had cancerous nodules on my thyroid. On a sunny day, I walked out into a parking lot and wondered how in the world did this happen to me? I was a single mother to three young children.  There was no time to take a sabbatical.  Or write a book.  I had to get well.  Now.

Medical doctors were happy to prescribe surgery and radiation, but no one had a clue how to help me recover from the deep fatigue, hair loss and weigt gain that ensued.

I had to piece it together that what got me here in the first place had to be fixed.  And I was completely on my own to fix it.

Loneliness and frustration are not allies in your health story.
To  make  matters worse, its very common to experience feelings of anxiety and depression when your hormones and thyroid aren’t working. I experienced crippling insomnia.  I lost confidence in myself and my days were unpredictable.

Without my system of fixing my digestion, correcting blood sugar imbalances and correcting deficiencies I continued to add more problems despite medication.  Today, I have total ownership over my health.  And while I will always be a student and continue to learn, I feel entirely unlike what I used to feel.

What would life be like for you if you truly had so much energy and mental focus in your life?


It’s not impossible.  You don’t have to become obsessed and annoying about food. 

You don’t  have to join a food cult or wear an orange robe and sit under a hut all day.

There are three key things that always get overlooked:

  1. Ninety to ninety five of our time is spent in our unconscous  mind.  If that mind is in doubt, worry, rumination or overwhelm this creates a chronic state of stress. Most diets, even well-intentioned ones can make that stress worse.  For you to feel better or lose weight, your mind and body need to feel safe.  This emotional work gets over looked.  High cortisol triggers a domino effect of fatigue and weight gain. Most diets make this worse. 2. Your body does not run on calories.  It runs on hormones.  And insulin is the mother of all of your hormones.  Almost all women have blood sugar irregularity. Going Paleo, Whole 30, Keto or Vegan is not the first step.  Managing blood sugar is. 3.  Finally, we are not all the same when it comes to food.  When you have the data on food intolerances, gut health, nutrient defiency and thyroid health, you can take action with confidence and clarity that you never had before. Why eliminate a food that’s working for you?  Use data and you will have confldence and clarity over your choices.  I combine 3 key data tests that will give you insight and action on your own personal path.

Show them that they can



The Hype of Challenges


Buying packaged shakes and products….


Without buying expensive food or restrictive eating

This will cost you three times the money and take you years to figure out on your own.

The world needs you to show up powerfully and none of that happens when you are exhausted, run down or burned out.

It’s entirely possible

To get out of a cycle of extreme eating or limiting food groups.  It’s not necessary or helpful to demonize foods or tell yourself to not eat certain foods unless there is a therapeutic reason to.

Elimination diets are exhausting

For a while now, we thought every person should avoid the same foods.  So the only way to figure out what that meant for you was to go on a long drawn out elimination process.  But why stop eating a food that’s good for you.  Real data eliminates the need for this.

A sluggish thyroid creates fatigue

One out of five women have a thyroid problem.  Most of us are misdiagnosed or mistreated.  When you combine this with nutrient deficiencies, the body gains weight to protect itself.

Your gut is your second brain.

Digestion is crucial to well being.  It’s the key to better skin, better mood, better hormones, and better energy.  But our modern life harms our digestion while telling us to take medications that mask our problems. Fixing digestion is so easy and yet doctors have absolutely no idea how to help because they know nothing about food.

Your life is about to get easier, lighter and brighter.  You will have total clarity and ease about your own health blueprint.

You will have steps to follow, connection and community and most importantly personal data to drive your actions.


Fuel Better Formula: A eight week coaching program, personalized, data driven, learning lab for you to Amplify Your Energy, Create Mental Clarity and Lose Body Fat  

Take the steps to correct long standing imbalances,

create energy without gimmicks or products,

Use personlized, advanced biomarkers to recode your body.

All while eating real food that works for you.


Everything you need to find your natural energy, wake up feeling good with none of the nonsense and fluff.  No clubs to join. No secret handshakes. No wasted time. No extremes. 

Only insight, data and support.

Pillar One

Cortisol Connection

Before we get to anything about eating, or nutrition, or supplement, let’s take a look at the Big Mac that is living between your ears. Whether it’s a belief about your body, a history of dieting or a long standing stress or trauma, we’ll uncover what thinking is driving your beliefs, actions and physiology. 

Pillar Two

Master Your Microbiome

Your gut health is deciding more about your energy, your weight and your mood than your genetics.  When your gut is happy, you will be full of energy. When your gut is imbalanced you will be moody, exhausted,  hungry, shaky and crave all the sugar all the time.  You will learn how to make your gut happy naturally.

Pillar Three

Effortless Energy

Redbulls, lattes, energy drinks and sugar are the things we crave when our body isn’t happy at the cellular level.  Balancing blood sugar is the most inexpensive and effective way to uplevel your energy.  You will learn the powerful way to rid yourself of crashes, shakiness and sleeplessness while calming down the entire inflammatory chain reaction.

Spotlight Coaching and Guidance

One to one spotlight sessions.  When it comes to your health, you really are a special snowflake.  No one is just like you. In addition to the community and group learning, you will get two personalized sessions with me to make sure you are going in the right direction and getting the results and feedback you need.

Personalized Data

Data and Advanced Biomarkers.

How often have you felt that not everything was OK but your doctor said your labs were normal?  There are clues in your labwork that can really help you know what you are missing and what are the sources of your fatigue.  Your course includes three separate biomarkers: Nutrient deficiencies, GI Mapping and Thryoid Labs.  You will get results as well as learn what steps to take to correct them.

Real, delicious, chef created food

Real Food, Chef-created Menus, Delicious whole food mastery.  Non-fussy Food that you can make easily.

I will never sell you on packaged foods or meal replacements.   You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen or meal prep eating the same boring blah chicken and wilted broccolli. I will show you how to get the diversity into your diet with weekly menus, shopping guides and batch cooking. There will also be videos, tutorials and inspiration.

All the tools, data, support, advocacy and community you do need.

None of the fluff, confusion, overwhelm, restriction, waste, frustration you don’t need.

Limited time, limited space offer.

Be one of the first twenty people to join now. 

  As part of this limited offer today.


I only offer this private course once per quarter.


Amplify your energy, gain focus and clarity, lose stubborn fat.

Cortisol Control. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $1,000)
Master Your Microbiome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $2,000)
Amplify Your Energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $1,000)
Spotlight Coaching . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $1000)

Data driven Biomarkers and Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $1000))
8 weeks of Chef Created Menus, Shopping lists. . . . . . (Value $800)

Bonus Programs
Lifetime Discounted Supplements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $500)
High Energy Kickstart Guide…….                             (Value $200)

Healthy Sleep Guide ……($300)

Inner Game Mastery/ Handling Adversity………..(Value $400) 

Total Value = ($8,200)



This is what happens if you are not satisfied.

My promise to you is that you will learn more about yourself and your body than you have ever done before.  We have so many layers to our health and wellbeing.  But no one takes the time to help us and show us the way.  I will take that time with you.  I will empower you to understand what foods work for you and what do not.  I will not sentence you to a food prison or make you weigh, measure or count your food.  You will have setbacks and that’s OK.  But in the end, you are going to uplevel your health.  You can go at your own pace too.  This isn’t a race. If you aren’t happy with the content or your results, I will refund you after the first seven days.  All I ask is that you are are a good student and you show up.  You CAN have all of this.


FuelBetterFormula gave them energy, clarity and saved them so much frustration.

FuelBetterFormula is genius.  I had so many beliefs about food and dieting that I needed to let go of.  Mary gave me peace and clarity.  I had no idea how my gut was playing into my chronic brain fog and forgetfulness. So many beautiful breakthroughs.

– Shannon W. Business owner

For years I felt like something was wrong.  But doctors told me that my labs were normal. The only thing my doctor offered me to deal with my fatigue was an anti-depressant.  The labs and data that Mary had me do found 4 significant biomarkers.  It was furstrating that I had been dismissed for so long.  I feel lighter but mostly I feel supported and heard.

– Catherine, Writer, Mother of 3

To say I had gut and energy problems would be an understatement.  I lost entire days of my life to a gut that hurt or was unpredictable.  I got no support from my physicians on what to eat.  Not only is my long standing gut issue (Chrohn’s disease) in remission but I eat like a normal person.  I thank FuelBetterFormula for giving me peace and so much energy.  

-Jennifer M, Dental Hygienist, Sailing Instructor

I would do FuelBetterFormula just for the data alone.  For the past year, I had no major symptoms but I just didn’t feel great.  I was tired when I got up and tired at the end of the day.  The protocols I put in place after seeing the data about my food and gut were nothing short of astounding.  I lost 17 pounds without doing much other than emphasizing foods that were good for my gut and reducing ones that I had sensitivities to.  I had literally no idea what was going on in my gut before.  FuelBetterFormula was brilliant in the clarity that it gave me.  My doctor had no idea how to help me.

– Pam C, Business Owner


If you have them.

You’ve already delayed your health or ignored the fact that you don’t feel awesome.  How much longer is that going to work for you?


Slay your fatigue, Banish Brain Fog Forever, Recover your Waistline.

Cortisol Control. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $1000)
Master Your Microbiome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $1000)
Amplify Your Energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $1000)
Spotlight Coaching . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $1000)

Personalized Data . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $800)
8 weeks of Chef-created Food . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $800)
Customized Supplement with Lifetime Discount . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $500)
Kickstart Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $200)

Healthy Sleep Guide and Resources………(Value $300)

Mastering Your Inner Game, Emotional Eating Support …(Value $400)

Total Value = ($8,200)




What kind of person is FuelBetterFormula for?

I work mostly with women over age 40 who are experiencing low energy, mood and weight gain.  FuelBetterFormula can help you if you are dealing with any diagnosis like Hypothyroidism or any digestive issue like IBS, Colitis or Chrohn’s.  It’s a great fit if you are someone who is doing all the right things in the gym or training and not seeing the results.  There is no one “diet dogma” so you won’t be asked to be Paleo, Whole 30, Vegan.  All the foods are non fussy and can be modified.  FuelBetterFormula is a deep dive into body awareness.  It’s not a quick fix or product based approach.

How is FuelBetterFormula Different than other programs?

Most programs are one size fits all or one size fits many.  This idea over looks the reality that we are all different.  The data and custom protocols make it completely unlike other programs.  Also the sole goal isn’t weight loss.  It’s putting the body in an ideal state for weight loss.  It’s asking the deeper questions of how did we get hear to begin with.  Each solution stacks on the other to address the whole of you not just a part.

In the beginning because the focus is on lowering cortisol and regulating blood sugar, it’s more about when you eat than what you eat.  I make it so simple a child can do it.  I have raised three children and I run my own business.  If there’s one thing I know it’s how to make good food that’s fast.  Unfussy.  I don’t believe it complicated, expensive good.  Just good food that you can assemble easily.  But food that heals your body.

I am really busy?  Will my family like the food?

How is the material delivered?

You will have access for a lifetime to video content and workbooks. Each lesson is short so that you can understand and implement.  No one has time or patience for long boring content.  You will have three one to one calls with me plus there will be a weekly MM call where you can get any questions answered.  You will be supported and surrounded by others on a similar quest.

What tests are included?  Are these extra?

You will get results for three different biomarkers. The program includes a GI Map so that you know any and all food issues and how to address those.  You will look at nutrient biomarkers that often create or worsen fatigue.  Finally you will get a full thyroid panel so that you can be sure that your thyroid is functioning optimally.  The tests can be done at home and with a visit to a local lab.

What’s the pacing?  What if I am traveling or miss a week?

This is completely self-paced.  There are no detoxes or cleanses to follow. All the group calls are recorded.  You have lifetime access to the materials.  You schedule your calls with me as needed.  I prefer that you take your time rather than race.

Last thing.  The biggest challenge isn’t the time or the money.

It’s really about whether you want to continue in a state of overwhelm and fatigue. Or do you want to empower yourself to claim your birthright. It’s totally doable with a path, a plan and support.


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Total Value = ($2500)



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