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Calls will always be at the same time on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM EST except for a skip the week of Christmas and a change on the week of New Year’s to Thursday.  Use THIS link to connect to the weekly calls:

Calls will be on:

Wednesday, December 4

Wednesday, December 11

Wednesday, December 18

Skip the week of Christmas

Thursday, January 2

Wednesday , January 8

Wednesday, January 15

Wednesday, January 22

Bonus Roundup call on January 29

Content Calendar:

  • Cortisol Connection
  • Blood Sugar and Digestion
  • Master Your Microbiome
  • Energy Makeover (inflammation/Immunity)
  • Thyroid and Hormone Harmony
  • Sympathetic Nervous System, Rest, Sleep
  • Self-care and Stress with Enneagram Bonus
  • Clean Beauty, Supplements, Home Environment
  • Inner Game/ Creating Consciousness
  • Free For All/ Round Up.