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You just took a major step toward fixing your fatigue!

Wouldn't it be life-changing to have vibrant energy all day every day?

If you have been stuck in a low energy,  no energy, or unreliable energy cycle, you may find yourself thriving  on caffeine, sugar, and salty foods just to make it through the day. You may crave the exact foods you want to avoid.  Fact: most people do!

I have worked with over 300 women, who despite the best of intentions and seeing all the experts could not solve their personal energy crisis.  It's embarrassing to admit, but when I needed to heal my own thyroid, I was exasperated and completely at a loss on where to start. I can guide you past the mistakes I made.

I know you don't want any extreme measures.  

You're past believing in pills, powders, shakes and gimmicks.  

A few pounds lost would be great but feeling good would be ah-mazing.  

Putting the right fuel in your body is the most powerful and significant way to start moving toward improved energy, vibrancy and well-being!

I want to let you in on the biggest lie that the
health, fitness and and nutrition industry has been built on:

"You are what you eat."

Well, you are NOT what you eat.  
You are what you digest and absorb.

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There are quite a few scientific and psychological reasons why most diets and health programs don’t work for many people:

  • One-size-fits-all programs don't look deep enough into the underlying causes of low energy, fatigue, and weight gain. (Hint: There are 3 major culprits!)
  • Failing to set appropriate and manageable goals.
  • High stress = high cortisol, which causes inflammation.
  • Calculating food choices can cause anxiety, and most diet approaches offer no support for the mental and emotional aspects of health.
  • Disregarding an individual’s unique food sensitivities.

The fastest way to feel better is to improve digestion and absorption.  The foods in the Fuel Better Kickstart Guide will improve your gut health immediately.  No cleanses, detoxes or fasting. No headaches or feeling weak. By eliminating the common nutrient deficiencies, giving the body enough and improving digestion, your body will instantly feel fantastic.

Just real foods, real nutrients and real energy.

Meet Your Guide

I help people solve health issues with real food every day. Through my health coaching practice, I’ve discovered the solutions that Peak Performers use to compete at their best in life and sports.

I am the owner of Sustainable Nutrition and hold a master’s degree in Nutrition.  I have been in the healthcare field for over 30  years.  I am also an 11 year survivor of thyroid cancer. My practice centers around helping women overcome auto-immune conditions, digestive health, energy and adrenal fatigue.  When I was diagnosed, treated and released from cancer treatment, I realized all the mistakes I made.

Since then I have spent countless hours working with specialists and creating a framework for helping people address their energy outside the boundaries of conventional medicine.  The Fuel Better Formula is my own framework of fully addressing weight, fatigue, energy from the inside.

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