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“What if instead of doing things to be skinny that only damage your health, you gave yourself the grace and permission to create foundational health?”

Your body is elegantly designed.

... But much of what we do or have been taught to do breaks that elegant design. When you create balance in the body by changing the inputs to your hormones and mitochondria, you work with your body instead of against it. You get out of the trap of taking off a few pounds, only to put them right back on. I’m so passionate about this information, I want to share it with you.

What My Clients Say


I didn’t realize how much my mental and emotional state were interfering with my healthy diet.  Mary taught me a whole new awareness of how to put myself and body into a state of wellness. I come back to these tools over and over.

Pam S. 

 / Critical Care Nurse


I love how Mary takes the complex and makes it simple and approachable.  We all know that gut health is important but she has ways to make it part of every day eating.  In a world of potions and products, her approach is refreshing.


/ Women’s Health Expert


Knowing how to support your body is key to good health! Mary will help you learn what your body needs for the ultimate healthy lifestyle! As she says, ‘it’s not what you eat, but what you digest’. My body and mind feel so much better!


/ Interior Designer

Mary Brooks

We need each other.  Right now, more than ever before. We need a place to show up, share authentically and then do the simple things that will keep us strong and allow us to emerge.  

We need resiliency of mind, of body, of spirit.  We need to take epic care of our families, our homes, ourselves.  

Truthfully, we have faced hard times and we will again.  

The more we develop this inner reserve, this trust in ourselves, this ability to live and eat simply, the more we will be able to tap into that supply again and again.  


Join me in moving forward with a focus on positive health: energy, immunity, and an overall sense of calm.