Lose the WEIGHT
without losing your MIND!

 Hi, I'm Mary Brooks. Diets are a Drag. Restrictions = Stress. Let me show you how to put your body in a place where it feels good enough to lose the weight and have energy.

Program Starts June 25, 2018

How much more could you accomplish if you weren’t running on fumes?

Being everything you want to be as human requires that you have a full tank of energy. To live out that bold, beautiful life that the cosmos and your Pinterest Board say you can, you need some rocket fuel.

But when I checked in with you and you shared, you said you were depleted...Ending the day in a huff, limp with a to-do list and no juice left over for fun, fabulousness or sex (yasss, it’s true).

So, I went into my laboratory.  Some might call it my big comfy couch. And I thought about it.

Fuel Better Formula™ LIVE Summer Camp: Lose the weight without losing your mind.

How many of us have no clue
what the drains on our energy are?

We end our days feeling completed drained without knowing why.  We seem to be trapped in a cycle of one great day of eating followed by three days of queso, donuts and margaritas and no idea how to break the chains. 

I know from personal experience what it feels like to have poor concentration, energy crashes and not be able to get a good night’s sleep.

Let’s not even talk about the shame-talking and avoiding the mirror.

Whether it’s to be in amazing physical shape, generate more business, 

create an amazing life for your family or get after that dream, energy is mission-critical.

When you feel good and look good, you do better.

Don't accept the unacceptable!

A personal energy crisis is discouraging. It's also a sign...a manifestation
of your body being unwell physically, and often emotionally, at a deep level.
But understanding and addressing the root causes of your fatigue is powerful and possible.

You have options. There are solutions.
And they are easier than you may realize!

Every single one of my clients tells me that they have tried it all, and hit a wall . But when they understood their own health blueprint and what's taking away from their body's strength and energy, all of that changed. Fog lifts. Bad digestion goes away. Pain fades. Energy that is needed for weight loss returns. No starvation. No deprivation. No counting or weighing.  No losing your mind through constant obsessing.  It's really that simple.

As an Integrative Nutrition Coach with a Master’s in Health Education, I have helped hundreds of people just like you dig down deep, make changes to their physiology and give them the tools to sustain those habits and changes.

I now how to pull the strings on those systems to help top athletes perform, help people lose weight in their 40s and 50s and help clients recover from chronic and autoimmune conditions.

Now, you can take the first critical step toward implementing a 

sound and sustainable system to achieve the results you have desired for so long.

Wouldn't you love:

  • to get out of bed without needing massive doses of caffeine to function?
  • to have steady energy throughout the day to perform at your best?
  • to have a plan each day to meet your own needs and stop sacrificing yourself because you are too busy or overwhelmed?
  • to not feel moody, short tempered or anxious?
  • to END the cycle of starting but never finishing?
FuelBetter Formula

Welcome to the 30-day 
Fuel Better Formula™ Live Summer Camp

Each week you will get clues and insight into the deep and unexamined energy leaks in your life. Then you will get easy, weekly homework to cement what you have learned. The world’s your classroom. You will get out in the sunshine and strut your truth. The rut of being uninspired, foggy and discouraged will be packed away like last Christmas’ decorations.

Each week there will be an exploration.  You will have a specific challenge but don’t worry, they are easy, refreshing and designed to put a little bit of energy into your day.  Each exercise builds on itself and creates sustainable routines so you flow through your day.

I am currently offering the 30-day FuelBetter Formula™ Live Summer Camp
 to a small group for much less than private coaching. 
The results you want + the coaching you need.

Investment is just $197


What's Included?

  1.  Guidance, resources and tools provided by Mary Brooks, Energy and Fatigue Expert.
  2. Private FB Group with guidance and encouragement.
  3. Weekly Guide, videos, exercises and implementation guides.  
  4. Recipes for high energy, low inflammation drinks, meals and snacks.  No products or shakes to buy.
  5. Weekly email prompts to remind you what to do, inspire you and remind you what to do to stay on task.
  6. A community of like-minded souls to co-pilot you and support you.

Symptoms that I had forever went away”

“I had long standing gut issues that I had come to accept. Within a few weeks, symptoms that I had forever went away. I completed the 2017 Boston Marathon in peak mental and physical state."

Amy Fletcher, MD
Functional Medicine Practioner

Mary taught me how to...feel stronger than ever.”

“Following a surgery, I gained weight, and no amount of exercise or food changes made a difference. Mary's system reversed that. She taught me how to fuel my body and feel stronger than ever."

Karen Wood
IronMan Triathlete

What Your FuelBetter Formula™ Month Looks Like

  • Part One: Brain Fuel
    Ridding yourself of patterns of procrastination, perfectionism and avoidance. Actively practice fertilizing the good things and giving energy towards what you value most so you attract more of it.
  • Phase Two: ​Gut Health & Digestion
    It’s not what you eat it’s what you digest. While so many people are concentrating on calories, points or carbs, digestion is the most overlooked drain on your physical energy. Many of my clients find massive energy gains just by improving gut function.

Part Three: Inflammation and Stress
As adults, we cannot underestimate the impact that high stress and cortisol has on our weight.  High cortisol causes inflammation.  Inflammation is the number one reason you can't lose weight. Creativity has magical powers as a way to lower the chronic overdrive that is preventing your body from making enough energy. I'll reveal how to manage this physically and mentally.  No giving up and ending up in a heap of self-defeat.

  • Part Four: Getting It Done
    Creating realistic, enjoyable habits and strategies that allow you to flow through your day with joy and balance. Do what matters and feels good to you each and every day. Indulge in more of soul care and stop operating out of obligations that has led to exhaustion.  Some days are going to be hectic but you'll know what habits sustain not drain you.

What Each Week Looks Like...

  1.  Weekly theme
  2. Exercises and implementation for the week.
  3. Reflection on what’s working and how the work is paying off
  4. Resources and inspiration from my personal content and experience database.

REAL Client Results...

"Solved my insomnia...”

"I did not make the connection to sleep and stress in my health and weight. I was able to solve my insomnia."

Jeri Leachbanking consultant

"Crohn's is in remission...”

"The awareness Mary gave me changed a lifetime of gut issues. My Crohn's is in complete remission right now. My surgeon was beaming when he saw my scans!"

Jenn Mickletriathlete, sailing instructor

You CAN Break the Cycle...

John Doe UI/UX Designer
“I came to Mary expecting a meal plan and a better way to fuel and recover. She took that to a whole new level. I am forever changed." - Emily

Need a little extra guidance?

Select the FuelBetter Formula™ VIP Option and get two one-on-one sessions with me to dial in your individual needs and take your results to the next level. We will discuss any health issues or concerns that you may have. You will be provided with my customized recommendations, tailored specifically to YOUR needs. This will help you further customize the experience and outcome just for you and your needs.

Investment is $495
(includes FuelBetter Formula Live Summer Camp)

Mary Brooks
Energy Expert

About Mary Brooks

I am the owner of Sustainable Nutrition and hold a master’s degree in Nutrition.  I have been in the healthcare field for over 30  years.  I am also an 11 year survivor of thyroid cancer. My practice centers around helping women overcome auto-immune conditions, digestive health, energy and adrenal fatigue.  When I was diagnosed, treated and released from cancer treatment, I realized all the mistakes I made.

Since then I have spent countless hours working with specialists and creating a framework for helping people address their energy outside the boundaries of conventional medicine.  The Fuel Better Formula is my own framework of fully addressing weight, fatigue, energy from the inside.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are doing the work and are not satisfied by the course after 7 days, you can request a full refund. Because this is a live program and short in duration, I can't extend the refund period.  I want you to be completely invested in your own health and progress, and I'll be there for you every step of the way!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

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