There's a Price to Pay  for NOT Listening to Your Gut

Your gut is your personal road map to immunity, resilience, and wellness.  If you're tired of following fads that never seem to fit, it's time to get personal with your gut.

Clients Can't Stop Talking About it...

After working on this specific assessment and consultation with more than 300 clients, here is what just a few of them have had to say about their experience. 


Occupational Therapist

Really helped me get clarity over what was causing my symptoms

I sensed for years that my body did not handle certain foods well. But the idea of doing an elimination diet seemed too overwhelming. Doing Food Mapping with Mary really helped me get clarity over what was causing my symptoms. The list was shorter than I thought but it helped get me on the right path. I was able to compliment what the food test told me with the right diet and supplements I needed. My energy levels have been improving. Thanks to Mary for her guidance!


Business Owner

Mary...made it easy for me to make changes and feel confident

I have been suffering from gut issues for the last decade.  I’ve also dealt with pain and depression. Doing the Food Map with Mary helped me understand exactly how to address my symptoms.  I did not want to take over the counter medications. The test made it clear to me how these low level food issues were slowly eroding my health and confidence.  The menus Mary gave me made it easy for me to make changes and feel confident how I could take control of my life.


Event Planner

Having [Mary] tell me what was real and what wasn’t was so helpful 

Mary’s guidance is invaluable. I did a food allergy test in the past and was completely overwhelmed. I felt that I couldn’t eat anything. Having a practitioner tell me what was real and what wasn’t was so helpful I understood that the goal isn’t to eliminate foods but to diversify my food patterns. I felt like I was in a food prison before but instead I have more freedom than ever. The whole testing kit is very simple and it’s great to do everything from the comfort of home.

what you get

Here’s what's inside!

The cost of not understanding your immunity and gut is high. If your healthy gut bacteria is imbalanced, you won’t be able to absorb nutrients from the food that you eat. Your gut is your personal road map to immunity and wellness. When you have excessive bacteria,  the lining of the GI Tract is more permeable. So instead of eliminating toxins, a permeable lining allows toxins to go right through the walls of your intestines.

A gut that has integrity strengthens and promotes immunity..  It will allow the supplements you take to be absorbed and utilized. You need less medications and you don’t get sick as often.

When you have a leaky gut or gut permeability that means imbalance and it creates a domino effect on your health that is staggering and costly.

When it comes to food, no two guts are alike. But how do you know what’s good for your gut? Without a good food mapping test, you don’t.  And following general nutrition advice is like trying to cut a steak with a butter knife. We all know the experience of using a good tool.

Because so many of my clients and friends are concerned about their immune system, I put together this Better Immunity  Bundle. It will give you confidence and clarity of what’s best for your body and health.  The best part is that you can do all of it from the comfort of your own home.  

After this experience, you will:

Know YOUR Gut

You'll receive a USBiotek food intolerance test that analyzes  your reaction to 144 foods. The kit is shipped to your home and requires a single finger stick.

Rather than using a "crystal ball" or a "one size fits all" approach, this test will evaluate exactly what's going on in YOUR body so you won't be guessing about your gut.

Know YOUR Needs

Your results will be delivered as a comprehensive lab report that shows your unique food sensitivities.

From there, I'll guide you through a detailed review. As a Functional Nutritionist, I’ve done this same test with over 300 clients.

I'll help you understand your results and how to apply them to improve your wellness.

Know YOUR Path

Knowing what's going on in your body is an important first step, and I want to take you one step further.

I'll create a nutrition/food plan to help you implement changes easily, and a supplement guide to complement your wellness goals. 

You'll learn how to fuel YOUR body better,  so you can achieve maximum energy with minimum hassle.

Meet Mary Brooks

Mary Brooks is a fatigue, thyroid and gut expert. She’s a nutritionist who specializes in working with women over 40 who want to maximize their energy with minimum hassle.

She has a Master's degree in nutrition from the University of Virginia and is a Certified Functional Health Coach who is based in Charlotte and helps clients anywhere.

She has a personal story of overcoming thyroid cancer and is now passionate about helping people heal naturally with whole food.

She has helped hundreds of women improve their health and energy levels by addressing emotional patterns, gut health, and food intolerances.

Deepen Your Knowledge of YOUR Body When You Activate Your Immunity Today

Mary Brooks Energy

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